Choosing Dungsam Academy

On 18th March 2013, it was the reporting day for the students to Dungsam Academy a newly opened private higher secondary school in south eastern Bhutan. It is a blessing for me to join the school nearby because my parents would have been worried if I had to go far-away places like Thimphu and Paro to complete my high school. I believe it is same for others too.

On that morning, I woke up at 7 am. By 10am in the morning, I had breakfasted, packed my things and books. I was all set to go. As it was my first time going away from my parents, I was sad and tensed.

So many questions were there inside my head. What type of friends will I get? How will the place be? How will the teachers be?

At around 2 pm, when the time came for me to depart from my parents, the realization struck me harder this time. I could not stop my tears. I knew I will miss them immensely. Before I boarded a car, I cried and hugged my step mother, younger brother and sister.

Around 3pm we reached the junction that led us towards the school. There was a banner that read “Welcome to the Learning Temple of Dungsam Academy”. When I reached the school, my heart beat faster. I felt uneasy and sadder. When I looked around, I found that the place was calm and peaceful.

The construction was incomplete and few Indian labourers were working. I had no friends. I felt sadder. As I did not have any contact with my previous classmates for a long time, I wasn’t sure if any one of them has come to join the school.

After meeting with principal, I went to hostel to register my name. There, I saw my old friend Karma Dema. I could not tell how happy I was to see her. At Orong Higher Secondary School, we were classmates. Both of us were very excited to meet each other again. She too had the same worries like me of not knowing any one. While we were talking, we heard someone calling from behind. It was Jigme Wangchuk. He was our classmate and best friend too.

On the first day, I was worried because school constructions were incomplete which might spoil of the campus. My worry did not come true. When the session started, there was no disturbance at all. Further the teachers were good and approachable. They were very knowledgeable in their field. The school administration ensured that all students were comfortably settled in their dormitories.

Dungsam Academy is the real temple of learning. The banner that I first saw at the junction was true. I am very happy and proud to be a student of Dungsam Academy.


Dungsam Academy In 2020

Dungsam Academy is a new school. It is the second private high school to be established in south eastern Bhutan. It started in the year 2013. Amongst many bloomed and blooming educational institutions in the country, Dungsam Academy is a bud comparatively. It stands proudly as a member of educational institutions after six years of hardship and perspiration spend on building the school.

Presently, there are four blocks constructed beautifully. They are traditionally designed and well- furnished. The facilities and services provided are very good. There is a basketball court below the academic block. Below it, there is a soccer and volleyball playfields. After walking few minutes up from the academic block, you will reach at the large multipurpose hall and the kitchen. The food and lodging is exceptionally good.

There are possibilities of developments that school would bring in the near future. By 2020, five years from now, Dungsam Academy will progress further. It will become one of revered schools in the country. The excellent learning culture established in the beginning will set new yardstick in the higher secondary educational history. The school is working on creating more facilities and services that will enable easy teaching-learning process. Every important block will be connected by well-paved road from the entrance itself. Large number of books and encyclopedias will be shelved in the library. All the necessary materials and instruments for any practical works will be accessible to every individual student. Sufficient number of computers and other required technical things will be available for pulsating learning beyond the subjects.

The school has been made green with the plantation of trees and flowers. The barren areas of school campus will soon become rich in natural greenery. The grounds will be carpeted with beautiful dark-green grasses. Flowers and trees-the most beautiful gift of nature will abound the campus.

The school will become a favorite place for not only the students and teachers, but also for the birds and animals. Soon, the school will gain reputation as a green school for green Bhutan. Hence, physical ambience of the school is guaranteed.

Intellectual beauty of the school is also set. Highly experienced and qualified set of teachers of diverse backgrounds are already there. More experienced and qualified teachers will be appointed in the coming years. Academic excellence will be prioritized for all times to come. Teachers and students will work together to ensure that, apart from intellectual nurturing, the teachers will nurture moral values in the mindset of students.

In years to come, Dungsam Academy will meet educational aspirations of educators, learners and parents. It will also be committed towards improving quality educational needs not only in the district, but also in the region and the nation at large. It will gain reputation as one of the best schools in the country.