Education Provision: In order to have high classroom management and care, we restrict to 1:25 teacher student ratio.  The school places high priority on academic excellence through holistic curriculum planning and programming. The academic excellence can be achieved only if we have such blend of driving forces!

CCAs: Dungsam Academy also places importance on imparting wholesome education. A candidate in the year has to at least take part in one item each in Games and Sports, Literary, Cultural and one or two initiative/innovative task(s). The graded SUPW will be based on one-two group/class/house based initiative/innovative and voluntary. All SUPWs are well planned and carried out without having disturbances on instructional hours.

Behavioral development: The implementation of academic and wholesome educational activities has to be well blended with the implementation of behavioral development activities.

The school in line with the National goals and aspiration has endeavored to draw up a disciplinary guideline in detail so as to enable the students to conduct themselves properly in all sphere of school life and bring about positive behavioral changes in them.

The school also conducts various regular programs of counseling, provides value and religious education and as well as the health and safety education that target at molding and bringing of positive behavioral changes and development. It is crucial that children at this stormy age level do commit serial of defaults but we believe that continued guidance and support blended with implementation of strict disciplinary rules and regulations bring positive behavioral changes in problematic students.